Have sensitive skin and think that splurging on expensive creams would get you better results? Then you are wrong as first, you need to try out the tips listed below to help you maintain a better skin. Here are a few skin care tips for sensitive skin.

Always use a sunscreen:

Using sunscreen is a must for every skin type. So no matter what type of skin you have, using a sunscreen is a must. Always leave the house after applying a sunscreen to prevent your skin from damage and scorching heat.

Don’t over-exfoliate:

Over exfoliating or over scrubbing the skin can lead to damage and can cause irritation. In the task of keeping your skin clean, don’t go overboard. Also, avoid taking hot showers as it can cause redness.

Keep your skin healthy from inside:

Apart from taking care of the skin from outside, make sure you take care of it from inside too by sipping on healthy drinks and eating a nutritious diet. Also, try doing exercise and yoga to maintain and improve your overall appearance.

Sleep on silk:

While you are asleep, your skin produces oil which get soaked up in cotton bed sheets. So instead opt for softer and dryer sheets and change your pillow cover and sheets every week.

Skip scented products:

If you have a sensitive skin and have a liking for scented products, then it’s a complete no-no for you. Scented products can cause infections and allergies and hence, you need to stay away from them.

Wear breathable fabrics:

It’s just not the facial skin that needs to be taken care of. Make sure you wear loose cotton clothes, if you have sensitive skin as many have sensitive skin on the whole body.

Always do a patch test first:

Before using any new product on your facial skin, always do a patch test on your hand or behind your ear. A patch test is a precautionary measure that helps you determine if the product is good for your skin or not.

Use Bioderminy Sensium products for best results:

Bioderminy offers products for sensitive skin. Use soothing cream, eye contour cream, foaming gel and micellar solution altogether to get a smooth skin. You can purchase Bioderminy products here.

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