Difference Between Jade and Rose Quartz Rollers

Not sure which type of jade roller to purchase? I get it, they’re both alluring to look at both the jade and rose quartz have different elemental properties that make them so unique and special.

Both the jade and rose quartz roller glides beautifully and is cool to the touch when used.

The jade roller helps with balancing out the qi energy, helping to revitalize your skin and wake you up. It may even be safe to say that the jade roller could be considered a morning roller. If you usually wake up feeling sluggish and the thought of going to work gives you a feeling of dread, using the jade roller as a 10 minute quick pick me up after it’s been cooled in the fridge.

Don’t take our word for it, try the jade roller for yourself. Jade rollers has been used for many centuries now and was birthed among the wealthy, royal elite in ancient China. Today, you may find these jade rollers commonly used in boutique luxury spas around the world.

The Rose Quartz roller on the other hand contain full of amazing minerals that all contribute to wonderful dewy skin!

Rose Quartz contains:

Silicium (silica) helps hold our skin together and create that elasticity that we’re all seeking for. Silica also promotes strong hair, nails, teeth and gums. This water soluble mineral also decreases the effects of coronary heart disease by repairing lung tissue.

Magnesium helps relieve muscle spasms as well as prevent migraines. It also has a lot of anti-inflammatory benefits that can slow down aging and reduce stress.

Iron is an oxygen carrier that helps regulate blood circulation and eliminates fatigue. This essential mineral may also help with women’s menstruation as iron can replace lost red blood cells.

Sodium is an important electrolyte that regulates your blood pressure as well as improve brain function and prevent sunstrokes from happening. In regards to skincare, sodium is a key component to fighting free radicals that may speed up the aging process.

All of these properties serve to help generate skin cell renewal as well as improve uneven or dull skin complexion. Rose quartz also has amazing healing properties to elevate your vibration in the heart chakra. The heart chakra aids in self love, compassion, acceptance, and overall feelings of joy.

If you’re more of a night ritual person, we recommend the rose quartz roller since it helps calm your skin down and prep it for a night of rest.

We wholeheartedly believe you can’t go wrong with either gemstone! 

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