Planning to get hair extensions? Make sure you know about the below five things before you get those long tresses permanently.

Not every stylist has experience:

Though he may be a very well-know hair dresser in your city. But it’s not necessary that he may be a master in the art of hair extensions. So before asking him to do your hair, always check if he has previous professional experience of doing it. You don’t need to get it done from someone who wants to try it out as an experiment. Always ask the stylish for the pictures of his/her previously done work.

Hair extensions can cause a lot of damage to your hair:

By the looks of it, you may think that getting hair extensions done can help you oomph up your style. But always remember that hair extensions can damage your hair if you don’t take proper care of it. It is important that you take proper care of your extensions and always follow up with your hairdresser to ensure they work wonders just like they did on day 1.

Good washing and care

Always remember that when the extensions are properly applied, you can tie them, wash them and straighten them. However, taking good care of it is extremely important as not doing so may not make them last for long.

Don’t buy hair extensions from salon:

Getting your hair extensions from saloon would cost you much more than the one you buy from a wig seller or a beauty shop. If you are looking for permanent hair extensions then you can prefer to buy it from a shop or get it done from the salon. But if you are looking for clip-in hair extensions, then you can buy it online.

For the first time, try clip-in hair extensions:

You really don’t know how you will look if you try to experiment with your hair for the first time. So first, always try for clip-in hair extensions as they naturally clip into your hair and help you gauge if you would want to try this look for permanently. Clip-in hair extensions feel less heavy and you can take them off anytime you want.

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