Your nails are an inherent part of your personality, hence maintaining them the right way is essential. Just like your face, it’s imperative to take proper care of your face and you need to follow a strict nail care regime to keep them healthy and clean.

Protect your nails from wear and tear:
 While washing dishes or doing household chores, make sure you wear gloves to protect it from any kind of damage. For extra care, always apply hand cream before wearing those gloves to keep your hands extra soft.

Regular cuticle care: As a part of regular cuticle care, moisturize them to keep them healthy and moisturized. Don’t push them or cut them off without taking professional care. Also, never bite your finger nails.

Trim your nails regularly: To avoid breakage and snagging, trim your nails regularly. Also, avoid having ingrown toenail growth. When toenails are thick and difficult to cut, soak them in warm water for 15 to 20 minutes.

Chose your nail shape wisely:  Shape your nails as per your lifestyle. As there are different shape cuts of nails such as almond, square, round, oval and squoval, you can opt for a shape considering your daily routine as doing household chores like washing utensils, cutting vegetables can affect its cut and break them. It’s always good to have round shape nails as the other shapes have more chances of breakage when doing daily chores. So opt for almond or square shape nails while going for parties or any other functions.

Keep your nails polished: Even if you don’t like to apply nail paints, it’s a must that you at least opt for a clear coat as it protects your nail from any damage and makes them strong. Also, use nail paints by good brands as it might give you yellow nails.

Apart from following the above tips, all you need to do is minimize on your regular nail art sessions to keep them healthy, neat and clean.

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