From flaunting short dresses to denim shorts, your toned legs can really up your fashion game if you really know how to keep them in shape and maintain them well. From maintaining a normal cleansing routine to engaging in a health exercise, here we give you a few tips that can give you smooth and sex legs.

Don’t rush while shaving:

Noting ruins a super-smooth skin than a shave done in a hurry. Never be in a hurry while shaving as it can cause small cuts specially in areas like knees, ankles and thin areas of the legs.


Always moisturize your legs to make it look soft and sexy. Using a moisturizer gives a nice glow to the legs, making it look shiny. You can also use shimmer lotions to add that little bit of radiance.

Use a loofah to exfoliate:

Tiny blemishes might be caused by ingrown hair growth. Hence, by gently exfoliating, at least once or twice a week, your legs can become healthy, soft and blemish free.

Exfoliate using a scrub:

While exfoliating with a scrub helps you improve the blood circulation, using a scrub helps in getting rid of the dead cells and also nourishes the skin.


To keep your legs in shape, you should opt for engaging in regular workout. Get into a habit of running, walking or jogging or you can also opt for simple exercise like leg-lifts. Even doing a leg workout for half an hour each day would be beneficial.

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