How to Use a Jade Roller

Before you use a jade roller you’ll want to prep your face, making sure it’s clean and moisturized. All the jade rolling benefits will be quite a loss if you’re massaging makeup or an exfoliant from a face scrub deeper into the skin. Use this skin care checklist below to prepare your skin for jade rolling. 

Jade Roller Skin Care Routine Steps:

  1. Always start with clean skin. 
  2. Then apply facial toner to lift impurities and balance the PH of the skin with a reusable cotton round.
  3. Next, apply a tightening eye cream under your eyes and below the brow bone.
  4. After that apply 3 to 5 drops of your favorite glow serum just before you start jade rolling.

Jade Rolling Techniques:

Take advantage of that amazing lymphatic drainage with these easy jade rolling techniques! The stone easily glides over the skin in any direction. But, to tighten your facial muscles and lift fine lines you’ll want to roll upwards and outwards.  Follow these step by step instructions to use your jade roller with success. 

Neck Area: 

Start at your collarbone and gently roll upward toward your jaw using the large jade stone.  Stop when you reach it and move the jade roller over to the next section on your neck. (Rather than rolling back downwards.)  Repeat until you’ve covered the neck area – collarbone to collarbone. 

Jaw and Chin Areas:

Continue with the large jade stone and start at the base of your chin at the jawline. Roll outwards and upwards toward each ear lobe. (Again do not roll back, downwards.) Then move the roller up higher on your chin and roll towards your temples and the hairline at the top of your ears. 

Above the Mouth Area:

Flip the jade roller and use the smaller stone for this area. Start above your lip just under the nose and roll outward and upward toward your temples again. This area can often use the most lift anyway… Repeat for each side. 

Cheek Area:

Return to the large stone for the large cheek area. Place the stone at one side of your nose, near the base and roll to the temples again. Can we say chiseled cheeks 3 times fast? Move the roller up a notch on the side of your nose until you’ve rolled out the entire cheek area, except for just under the eyes. 

Under Eye Area:

Now for the under eye area, my favorite part! Use the small stone here and roll from the side of your nose just under the eyes ever so delicately (I always wanted to say that) pulling up to the edge of your eyebrow and on up to your hairline.  You can roll the area under your eyebrows and your eyebrows if they are puffy or need lifting in the same manner. 

Forehead Area: 

Swap for the large stone in the forehead area. Start at the center of your forehead just above the eyebrows and roll outwards. Repeat for each side, then move the roller up to just below the crown of your hairline and roll outwards again. 
Add jade rolling to your skin care routine for one week and you’ll have all these techniques memorized. I like to repeat to myself “up and out” as I roll. After jade rolling follow-up with hydrating face cream for areas that are prone to dryness. Like the cheeks, if you are a combination skin type.

How often should you use a jade roller? 

Jade rolling is best incorporated into your nightly skincare routine so it becomes a habit toward building a healthy complexion. Although you can sneak it into your morning skin regimen too if you have time. Most of us prefer a quick and simple morning refresh for the skin. 
You may also find jade rolling helpful during allergy season or when you have a cold and your face feels puffy. 

Can you put a jade roller in the fridge?

Jadestone is naturally cool even at room temperature. So, it doesn’t require storing it in the fridge. But, if you want a little extra boost – pop your jade roller in the fridge before you take a long bath soak. Then pull it out when you are ready to apply in your skin care routine. 

How to Care for Your Jade Roller

After use simply wipe your roller with a soft cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth. Then once a week clean your jade roller when you are cleaning your makeup brushes. 
You can even use your makeup brush cleaner. But, instead of scrubbing and running it through the water – in fact, do not soak or submerge a jade roller in water, add a drop of makeup cleaner to a damp cloth and wipe the jade roller clean. Or dip a cloth into soapy water and wipe clean. Allow to air dry or dry with another soft cloth. Just make sure it’s dry before you store it.

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