As you shred those unwanted hair from your body, the pain that you get is unexplainable. For this you are left with only two options i.e. shaving or waxing. Though shaving can be painless, but considering its disadvantages we all refrain from opting for it. Also, the pain that waxing emulates is hard to describe. But considering the host of benefits that waxing provides, we just can’t ignore it and resort to the painful waxing process, no matter what. But do you know you can ease the pain? Yes, the below tips will help you ease the pain

Do some yoga before going for brazilain wax:

You sure want to keep your private parts clean, but you really don’t want to go through the painful process of Brazilian wax. However, to make it an easy process for you, do some yoga to make your body flexible before the pain as it will make the body flexible and make the process quick.

Cool the wax before applying it in the bikini zone:

Always make sure that you apply cool wax in the bikini zone as hot wax can tear the skin and cause damage.

Take a pain killer before going for wax:

Usually pain killers help you get rid of the pain, so before going for a waxing session you can consider taking a pain killer. But you should take it at your own risk as it can affect your health too.

Scrub the parts that you want to get waxed:

Scrubbing helps in getting rid of the dead cells, hence, it makes it easy to pull of the hair, easing the pain.

Let the hair grow:

Shorter hair is tough to pull out. So wait till you have complete growth as otherwise, removing short hair can be painful.

Don’t wax on the day of your periods:

You skin is extra sensitive while you are chumming. So always avoid getting a wax done during those days.

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